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Procurement Specialist – Cundinamarca – Bogota

Purchase goods, materials and services to ensure that the company operational needs are met, taking into account price, quality and delivery and to ensure continuity of supply. The job holder may take responsibility for a specific project or hold a larger remit in terms of purchasing responsibility.

  • Licensed Buyer and expected to work towards professional qualification (CIPS or equivalent).
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Engineering, Business Administration or Foreign Trade)
  • Language: English mandatory and Portuguese as differential
  • Reach cost savings targets, support process improvement initiatives and assure cost management
  • Identify best sources for quotation, assure RFQ on time/cost/delivery, selecting best supplier for every necessity assuring local and global alignment prior sourcing approval
  • 5 years of relevant commercial skills and knowledge of procurement principles, and the ability to apply these as required in any area.

  • Purchase goods, materials, components, or services in line with specified cost, quality and delivery targets
  • Ensure continuous supply of required goods and materials and communicate any supply problems which may pose a risk or impact on business operations
  • Monitor market trends, competitor strategies and market suppliers
  • Research and evaluate areas of opportunity and reduce costs where possible
  • Deliver briefs, updates and reports as and when required
  • Develop creative and innovative procurement processes
  • Develop ideas and strategies to improve operational efficiency, add value, aid business performance and work towards a strategy of continuous improvement
  • Negotiate contracts, improved prices and terms of business with suppliers and review opportunities to make business savings utilizing negotiation and procurement best practice tools and methods
  • Assess and evaluate suppliers and undertake performance reviews to ensure contract compliance and manage performance improvement activities
  • Ensure that a professional and consistent approach is taken in relation to all supplier relationships
  • Ensure compliance to company guidelines, purchasing policies and procedures during supplier negotiations and contracts award process.
  • Explore alternate sources for goods and materials

Cundinamarca – Bogota